Great Handling and Ride Comfort begins with a great Chassis.

Everything  in a car is attached to the chassis. Critical components like the Suspension, Engine and even the Floor-pan can only be as good as the chassis it is attached to. That is why car manufacturers are always increasing chassis rigidity with every new model for improved Handling, Safety and NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness).

KL AUTO pioneered AutoFOAM chassis strengthening foam treatment in Malaysia in 1999. AutoFOAM, imported from Europe is a light-weight structural foam with different, specific formulas and densities for specific areas and applications. This is critical in achieving optimum results and safety.

HANDLING:  AutoFOAM is injected into critical areas of the hollow chassis to increase Torsional Rigidity thus reducing chassis twist and flex. This dramatically improves handling.

Another benefit of a stiffer chassis, it promotes more efficient transfer of the engines power and braking to the drive-train and wheels.

NOISE: By filling the hollow cavities in the chassis, Vibration and Resonance is dissipated thus significantly reducing NVH ( Noise, Vibration and Harshness) for a much more Comfortable ride.

RIDE COMFORT: A stiffer non flexing chassis will ride and feel significantly smoother and tighter.

SAFETY:  Previously, only luxury and premium sports cars were foam treated from factory but lately, most modern cars are now “Spot”foam treated as well. Manufacturers are using this light-weight technology to improve Crash Safety for their cars.


One Time Application… Lifetime Performance

Tested and Proven since 1999

10 Years Warranty



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